Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery Infections

Purpose of a Forced-Air Warming Blanket System

During surgery, operating rooms are usually kept quite cold. The cooler temperatures, in addition to other factors, can put a patient at risk for hypothermia. For this reason, forced-air warming blankets were designed to help maintain a patient’s body temperature during and/or after surgery. Additionally, studies have shown that keeping a patient warm during surgery reduces bleeding, and can aid in a faster recovery.

How Does it Work?

A product called the Bair Hugger is a popular forced-air warming blanket that is used in hip and knee replacement surgeries. The Bair Hugger system is made up of a portable heater, with a flexible hose, that is connected to a disposable blanket.  The disposable blanket is placed over the patient, and air is pumped in from the heating unit.

What is the Problem?

The heating unit is located on the operating room floor. Although great care is taken to sterilized the surgical site, it is very difficult to control contaminants on the floor. The air circulation caused by the heating unit can stir up these contaminates and cause them to become airborne. Once airborne, the surgical site can become contaminated putting the patient at risk for infection.

Why are Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery Patients at Risk?

Those undergoing orthopedic procedures are at particularly high risk for infection. This is because bacteria can attach itself to the metal or plastic implant and spread throughout the body.

Infections & Complications

Patients are at risk for deep joint infections, causing ongoing pain and complications. Many patients are forced to undergo additional surgeries to treat infections, and in some cases limbs have had to be amputated. A list of possible risks include:

  • Deep bone/joint infections
  • Hip or knee revision surgeries
  • Antibiotic spacers
  • Limb amputations
  • MRSA
  • Sepsis
  • Wrongful death


Hip & Knee Surgery Infection Lawsuits

We are currently investigating potential claims for anyone who has suffered from the complications of an infection, following a hip or knee replacement surgery, that may be associated with a forced-air warming blanket system used during surgery. If you or a loved one has suffered from the side effects of an infection after a hip or knee replacement surgery, you may want to contact an attorney.

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