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Bair Hugger Linked to Infection in Orthopedic Surgery

The number of Bair Hugger surgical warming blanket lawsuits continues to increase as concerns grow about their use. Forced-air warming blankets, such as the Bair Hugger, are used during orthopedic surgeries to regulate a patient’s body temperature. However, recent lawsuits claim that forced air-warming blankets may potentially increase the risk for serious infections.

Why? Simply put, orthopedic surgeries take longer than most other kinds of surgeries. Forced-air warming blankets, such as the Bair Hugger, push warm air through a hose into a blanket that surrounds the patient. The longer the a forced-air warming blanket is used, the greater the chance for germs to travel up from the surgery theater floor and onto the patient. Too often, deep infection tragically leads to amputations. Patients undergoing surgery for knee or hip replacements have experienced such complications after a forced-air warming blanket was used.

The Center for Disease Control reports than more than 7 million Americans are living with implants like knee and hip replacements. It’s easy to believe that many of these patients were operated on while a forced-air warming blanket was in use.

As the lawsuits continue to make headlines, more victims will undoubtedly come forward with their stories. If you or a loved one experienced infection following a hip or knee surgery  consider reaching out to an attorney to discuss your situation.

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