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3M Faces Dozens of Bair Hugger Lawsuits

Device May Lead to Infection After Surgery

A commonly used surgical device has drawn criticism from its creator and has become the center of more than 50 lawsuits. Lawsuits allege the Bair Hugger system, used in more than 200 million surgeries since 1987, may increase the risk of serious infection during surgery.

Forced-air warming blankets used to keep patients warm during surgery, uses air pumped in from a warming unit on the floor. Imagine the germs on your average surgery room floor, and you begin to see the problem. Studies have shown that forced-air warming blankets, such as the Bair Hugger system, may increase the number of airborne particles around the surgery site.

If an infection occurs, it can get deep inside the joints, causing ongoing pain and suffering for the patient. Some require follow up surgeries; others need amputation of the limbs.

Creator Says Product is Dangerous

3M, the company behind the Bair Hugger, insists their product is safe. Dr. Scott Augustine, the Bair Hugger inventor, reportedly warned 3M of the potential for waste heat to stir up contaminants within the product when they bought the product. Still, the company stands by the Bair Hugger in spite of the dozens of plaintiffs arguing against the device.

Dr. Scott Augustine, has since invented an alternative method of keeping patients warm during surgery. The Hot Dog uses conductive heat like an electric blanket does, rather than pumping in potentially contaminated air.

Hip & Knee Surgery Infection Lawyers

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